How Eyewitness Misidentification Can Impact Criminal Cases

A female cop taking the testimony of an eyewitness.

Eyewitness testimony plays a crucial role in criminal cases. They can greatly affect judges and juries, often seen as strong evidence. Eyewitnesses share what they saw, helping identify suspects and support other evidence. But sometimes, their reliability is questioned because of cases of mistaken identity leading to wrongful convictions. Eyewitness misidentification causes many wrongful convictions. […]

The Best Personal Injury Lawyer – Chester County, PA

HoeyLegal have the best and experienced personal injury lawyer, Chester County PA

Getting the best personal injury lawyer in Chester County, PA, is crucial to winning personal injury claims and getting proper compensation for the damage. We offer only the best personal injury lawyers who are experts in the field. With over twenty-seven years of trial and litigation experience, we have successfully represented clients against large corporations, […]

Federal jury acquits state trooper of stomping

The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER JEREMY ROEBUCK A Pennsylvania state trooper accused of stomping a handcuffed man in the head during a botched 2009 drug raid was acquitted Monday of a federal civil rights violation charge. Cheers and applause erupted in the courtroom from more than two dozen of Kelly Cruz’s law enforcement colleagues as the jury delivered […]

Hoey Hammers Witness During Kaboni Savage Trial

The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER JOHN P MARTIN A defense lawyer at the murder and conspiracy trial of drug kingpin Kaboni Savage hammered away Thursday at a key prosecution witness, trying to get the man to concede that others might have been behind the October 2004 firebombing that killed his mother, son, and four relatives. The witness, Eugene […]

Savage’s defense rails against prosecution’s ‘trial magic’

The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER JAD SLEIMAN THE LINCHPIN witnesses in the racketeering/murder trial of reputed Philly drug boss Kaboni Savage were simply reading from the prosecution’s script, defense lawyer Christian Hoey said during his closing arguments yesterday. Hoey spent nearly five hours calling out the witnesses as “case jumpers” who used “trial magic” to get lighter sentences. […]

Trooper cleared by grand jury on brutality charges

The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER KATHLEEN SHEA A grand jury’s decision not to recommend charges against a state trooper following a police-brutality allegation was hailed as “total vindication” Tuesday by the trooper’s attorney. State Trooper Kelly Cruz, a veteran narcotics investigator, should soon return to regular duty, said attorney Christian J. Hoey. But Joseph P. Green Jr., who […]

Convicted drug kingpin Savage granted new lawyer

The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER GEORGE ANASTASIA Chester County defense attorney Christian Hoey is in. Veteran Philadelphia defense lawyer Christopher Warren is out. And convicted drug kingpin Kaboni Savage has withdrawn his request to represent himself in a racketeering-murder case that could carry the death sentence. Those were the developments yesterday in the high-profile drug-trafficking case wending its […]

Trial opens for suspect in deadly 2004 firebombing

The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER JOHN P MARTIN No one was awake – not the 57-year-old grandmother, her niece or the four children – when the two men carrying red cans full of gas climbed the porch of their North 6th Street house in the pre-dawn darkness. One kicked the door in, and fired gunshots up the stairs […]

Acquittal in barber-shop brawl

The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER KATHLEEN SHEA Two Coatesville brothers accused of inciting a barber-shop brawl nearly a year ago that left one man in need of medical treatment were found not guilty Friday by a Chester County Court jury. After deliberating for more than two hours, a jury apparently decided that the version of events in which Raygiel […]

Tredyffrin/Easttown school officials consider changes to safety policies after bullying incident

The Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER KATIE PECK Months after an episode of well-publicized bullying at Tredyffrin/Easttown Middle School, school district administrators have proposed changes to the district’s safety policy after meeting with parents and security experts over the summer. The proposed rules, made public Thursday night, address how educators should respond to student threats, notify the community about problem […]

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