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HoeyLegal founder, Christian Hoey, Esquire, is a former prosecutor, having worked in both the Delaware and Chester County District Attorney’s Offices. As a prosecutor, Mr. Hoey led investigations of serial abusers, drunk drivers, violent offenders and nuisance bars and restaurants. As a prosecuting attorney, Mr. Hoey was successful in jailing abusers, sexual abusers, drunk drivers and child predators.  His experience in prosecuting those that seek to harm others is vast and extensive.

Crime VictimAs a civil practitioner, Mr. Hoey has sought justice for crime victims across a wide spectrum of cases.  Mr. Hoey has recovered substantial settlements for child sex assault victims ($1,700,000), negligent campus security/wrongful death ($4,000,000), assault by an ambulance driver ($650,000), a child victim of serial physical abuse in Philadelphia County ($1,000,000) and a teenager sexually assaulted at a Philadelphia community center ($1,000,000).

Mr. Hoey enjoys an outstanding reputation amongst the attorneys in the crime victim practice area.  At HoeyLegal, we aggressively and compassionately litigate the interests of our crime victim clients to ensure that they receive full and adequate compensation for their injuries. At HoeyLegal, we understand from our vast prosecutorial experience, how important it is to seek justice for innocent victims of predators, drunk drivers and careless institutional defendants.


 At HoeyLegal, we are trial attorneys. We are prepared to fully investigate and develop your case and present the evidence to a jury and hold those who harmed you accountable for your losses.  We are aggressive and tenacious trial lawyers with a reputation for aggressively litigating our client’s interests in both Federal and State Courts.


  • Rape/Sexual Assault Victim
  • Apartment/Dormitory Crime Victim
  • Wrongful Death
  • Drunk Driving Victim
  • Bar/Restaurant-Drunk Driving Victim
  • Assault & Battery Victim
  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Title IX Violations
  • Spa/Massage Victim
  • Firearm Victim
  • Victims of Police Assault
  • Child Sex Assault Victim


In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, property owners, managers, college campuses and institutional defendants may owe a duty to provide security to others on their property.  Those who endeavor to provide security services atVictim rights their facilities, apartments, college campuses, gyms, community centers and schools are obligated to provide adequate and careful security measures.  In the event that you are injured, assaulted, sexually assaulted or fall victim to the reckless and outrageous actions of employees and guests, HoeyLegal will pursue a claim against the property owner and the security company hired to provide security services at the facility.

HoeyLegal represents crime victims for claims involving negligent security at college campuses, gyms, community centers, apartments and private schools.  Many victims of crime do not realize they may be eligible for compensation through a civil personal injury claim, regardless of whether or not their perpetrator has been arrested or prosecuted for the offense.


  • Robbery in the Parking Lot of a Commercial Location
  • Bar Fights/Assaults Shooting Victims
  • Victims of Assault at Commercial Establishment
  • Injuries on College Campuses
  • Wrongful Death at Apartment Complex
  • Wrongful Death/Catastrophic Injury – DUI Cases
  • Rape and Sexaul Assault

The attorneys at HoeyLegal represent victims of crime in the civil court system.  In doing so, HoeyLegal seeks compensation for our clients not only from criminals, but from institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, private and public schools, gyms, community centers, college campuses and business enterprises that were negligent in their hiring, training, retention and supervision of security teams and employees that failed to monitor their premises appropriately and failed to provide adequate security or otherwise made it unreasonably unsafe.  HoeyLegal attorneys maintain excellent relationships with the law enforcement community, founded upon Mr. Hoey’s time as an assistant prosecutor in two (2) separate district attorney’s offices.

Whether you have been the victim of a sexual assault, negligent security, assault, or other crime, HoeyLegal is prepared to listen and provide you with compassionate and aggressive representation to ensure that you are adequately compensated for your injuries.  If you or a loved one has been injured, abused, assaulted or suffered catastrophic injury or death as a result of the criminal actions of another individual or entity, contact HoeyLegal for your free consultation. Through compassionate representation, HoeyLegal is driven to ensure that you are adequately compensated for the injuries you sustained at the hands of criminal wrongdoers.  At HoeyLegal, expect the best!

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