Legal Steps After a Motorcycle Accident in Chester County

Chester County motorcycle accident

After a motorcycle accident, having the right legal representation is crucial for fair compensation and justice. HoeyLegal specializes in handling motorcycle accident cases in Chester County, offering invaluable support in navigating legal complexities, protecting your rights, and achieving the best outcomes for clients. This guide empowers motorcycle accident victims in Chester County by providing clear […]

Rights of Pedestrians Hit by Vehicles in Chester County

A female pedestrian sitting on the road and clutching her leg in front of a car and it's driver. An accident that can be grounds for pedestrian accident claims.

Pedestrian accidents involving vehicles are a significant concern in Chester County. These incidents often result in severe injuries or fatalities due to the vulnerability of pedestrians compared to drivers protected by their vehicles thus resulting to pedestrian accident claims . Understanding the prevalence and circumstances of these accidents is crucial for fostering safer roads and […]

Chester County Unintentional Injury Representation  

personal injury, medical injury, accidents

Child & Teen Unintentional Injury Representation   Unknownst to many across the US, there is a period in the summer months known as the “100 Deadliest Days.” According to USA Today, which gives travel tips, more accidents of all types occur during this period. Many of these accidents are vehicle-related, but there are several other types, such […]

Chester County Back Injury Claims


Herniated Disks and Back Injury Claims A herniated disk is a type of back injury; These are also referred to many times as “bulging disks” as the nerves around the disk sac become irritated and cause pain. Spines comprise a nucleus and are encased in an annulus, which is the harder exterior.  Herniated disks many […]

Car Accidents In The Winter

Car accident

Winter Automobile Accidents Spike in PA Automobile accidents occur all year long throughout the US. The state of PA, however, can see a definite surge in accidents in the winter months. Being mountainous and northern, PA has many winter weather issues impacting roadways and travel.  N’oreasters, which are blizzards that blow in from the North, […]

DUI Law and Facts

DWI Law Attorney

DUI Facts to Remember During the Holidays The holiday season throughout the USA is one of the most festive. It can also be a food and alcohol-laden holiday, though. Parties abound, and many individuals do not realize how much alcohol they imbibe. Like the television commercials promote, “Buzzed Driving IS Drunken Driving” and can have […]

Motor Vehicle Accident On New Year’s Eve 

Car crash in DUI accident

New Year’s Eve—Motor Vehicle Accident Facts  Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death and serious injury all year. However, New Year’s Eve and even New Year’s Day can see an increase in fatalities and debilitating lifelong injuries.  The NSC (National Safety Commission) estimates that approximately 403 fatalities will occur during the New Year […]

Catastrophic Injury Representation

Catastrophic Brain Injury

Catastrophic Brain Injury Representation Although catastrophic brain injuries are not one of the most common injuries, the consequences can be more deadly, and longer-lasting. Catastrophic brain injuries are also called Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) within the medical community. While some can be less severe than others, the occurrence of these injuries and compensation should be […]

Trucking Accidents – Facts and Responses

truck crash

Trucking Accidents – Facts and Responses After Crash    The highways in the USA, as everyone knows, are crowded. For most individuals who commute daily, it is apparent that many vehicles on the roadways are “big rigs” or commercial trucking vehicles.  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDot) does estimate that about 6000 vehicular crashes involving trucks occur […]

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