The Best Personal Injury Lawyer – Chester County, PA

HoeyLegal have the best and experienced personal injury lawyer, Chester County PA

Getting the best personal injury lawyer in Chester County, PA, is crucial to winning personal injury claims and getting proper compensation for the damage. We offer only the best personal injury lawyers who are experts in the field. With over twenty-seven years of trial and litigation experience, we have successfully represented clients against large corporations, […]

Chester County Unintentional Injury Representation  

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Child and Teen Unintentional Injury Representation   Unknownst to many across the US, there is a period in the summer months known as the “100 Deadliest Days.” According to USA Today, which gives travel tips, more accidents of all types occur during this period. Many of these accidents are vehicle-related, but there are several other types, such […]

Premises Liability In Chester County

Chester County Holiday Warehouse /Delivery Accidents Chester County, PA, and the surrounding areas have a lot of Christmas cheer and spirit. From Black Friday, which is after Thanksgiving, to New Year’s Eve, all types of gifts and party decorations are ordered.  While this might be a time off from work for most individuals, warehouse workers […]

Christmas Holidays Negligence In Chester County 

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Negligence at Christmas in Chester County PA One of the most spectacular holidays of each year is Christmas. The hustle and bustle, though, can be overwhelming. In addition, this holiday shows the second most holiday travel of any season of the year, with Memorial Day only surpassing it in 2022, according to the NSC (National Safety Council […]

Holiday Premises Liability in Chester County, PA 

Premises Injury law

Premise Injuries During Holiday Season in Chester County Right after Thanksgiving, the shopping season kicks off. Black Friday is, as all residents of PA know, the day following Thanksgiving when stores open early with special discounts. Of course, the entire month before Christmas does see packed stores, but Black Friday is known for the crush […]

Thanksgiving Injuries & Duty Of Care

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Injuries On Thanksgiving in Chester County The foliage is glorious before Thanksgiving in Chester County, PA, during the Fall season. However, around the end of November, when the trees shed their leaves, darkness occurs earlier due to the time change. The first week of November shifts back to Standard Time from Daylight Savings Time.  This does add […]

Duty of Care—Slip and Fall Facts in Chester County

Duty of care chester county

Slip and Fall Facts in Autumn in Chester County Next to the Winter Season, with its snow and ice, individuals living in PA can experience more slips and falls than in the warmer months. This is especially true in the Fall.  The wet leaves that litter the ground, as well as grass, soil, and roadways […]

Chester County Halloween—Avoiding Injuries and Death

 Avoiding Injuries and Death On Halloween Ghosts, goblins, and fun exist on Halloween in Chester County. With a higher-than-average population of children five years of age and older, plus a higher population of those in their teen years, Chester County celebrates Halloween in many ways. The statistics compiled were by the US Census Bureau in 2022. The […]

Debilitating Injuries in Football & Proving Negligence

Football injury

Debilitating Injuries in Football & Negligence Fall is quickly approaching in Chester County and, of course, all of PA. Nothing screams “Fall” more than football, and PA is rife with football fanatics as it is part of the state culture.   All types of football practices began in the summer, and all manner of football leagues […]

Premises Liability in Schools—Duty of Care

Premise liability in chester county

Premises Liability in Schools & Duty of Care The school bells are ringing yet again in Chester County, PA, as they are throughout the state of PA. The first week of school brings both excitement and trepidation for parents, teachers, and students.  What many parents and students do not realize is that much goes on […]

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