Testimony-Civil or Criminal Hearings

Civil law, criminal law

Proper Testimony For Civil or Criminal Hearings The law is a complex matter. No matter how compliant an individual is, there may be times when incidences happen, whether civil or criminal. A great attorney is needed whether an individual is a plaintiff or a defendant. The old adage, “The person who acts as their own […]

Civil Defense VS Criminal Defense 

Civil Defense VS Criminal Defense

Civil Defense VS Criminal Defense in 2023 The majority of criminal cases that are truly malicious in nature are actually quite small. Certainly, there will always be what the Judicial System calls “bad actors.” The majority, however, are simply crimes of passion, oversight, or bad judgment.  The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data, as of 2023, tracks […]

Drug Overdoses Increasing in PA

Drug overdose in Chester County

 Drug Overdoses in Chester County Pennsylvania It is a harsh reality, but drug overdoses have increased nationwide since late 2022 and now into 2023. Unfortunately, the state of Pennsylvania has not been immune to this scourge.  The overdoses have led to an increase in deaths. According to the NCDAS (National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, over 96,000 […]

Criminal Injury & Negligence Case Law

Criminal Injury & Negligence Case Law

Criminal Injury/Negligence Case Law Facts 2023 While Pennsylvania is a relatively safe state, criminal occurrences have been increasing. Unfortunately, this is because since Covid lockdowns occurred, and many of the populace suffered financial hardships, drug and alcohol abuse has increased, as has mental illnesses, according to the WHO (World Health Organization).  According to Richard Berk, writing for […]

DUI Law and Facts

DWI Law Attorney

DUI Facts to Remember During the Holidays The holiday season throughout the USA is one of the most festive. It can also be a food and alcohol-laden holiday, though. Parties abound, and many individuals do not realize how much alcohol they imbibe. Like the television commercials promote, “Buzzed Driving IS Drunken Driving” and can have […]

Motor Vehicle Accident On New Year’s Eve 

Car crash in DUI accident

New Year’s Eve—Motor Vehicle Accident Facts  Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death and serious injury all year. However, New Year’s Eve and even New Year’s Day can see an increase in fatalities and debilitating lifelong injuries.  The NSC (National Safety Commission) estimates that approximately 403 fatalities will occur during the New Year […]

Criminal Charges Demand Best Defense Attorney

criminal defense Chester County

All Criminal Charges Demand the Very Best Defense Attorney While all cases, both civil and criminal, should have the finest attorney possible, criminal defense is unlike civil defense. The stakes, quite frankly, are much higher, as depending upon the charges, incarceration may occur, or even the death penalty. The incarceration can also be lengthy, depending […]

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