Chester County Unintentional Injury Representation  

personal injury, medical injury, accidents

Child & Teen Unintentional Injury Representation   Unknownst to many across the US, there is a period in the summer months known as the “100 Deadliest Days.” According to USA Today, which gives travel tips, more accidents of all types occur during this period. Many of these accidents are vehicle-related, but there are several other types, such […]

Premises Liability in Schools—Duty of Care

Premise liability in chester county

Premises Liability in Schools & Duty of Care The school bells are ringing yet again in Chester County, PA, as they are throughout the state of PA. The first week of school brings both excitement and trepidation for parents, teachers, and students.  What many parents and students do not realize is that much goes on […]

Duty of Care for Minors 

Duty of care, exemption of minors

Duty of Care– Exemptions for Minors Most medical professionals and institutions do their best to provide the minimum Duty of Care necessary, especially when dealing with children and teens. Although it might pay well, medicine involves many years of study, and most medical professionals possess altruistic qualities.  There are times, however, when exemptions to providing […]

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