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Debilitating Injuries in Football & Proving Negligence

Debilitating Injuries in Football & Negligence Fall is quickly approaching in Chester County and, of course, all of PA. Nothing screams “Fall” more than football, and PA is rife with football fanatics as it is part of the state culture.  ... Read More

Traumatic Brain and Spinal Injuries in the Summer

Brain and Spinal Injuries In Pennsylvania, the summertime can be known as the “season of freedom.” Pools, lakes, waterparks, theme parks, and other outdoor activities are prolific. Everyone engages relentlessly in these as winters can be very dull and dim.... Read More

Delaying Stroke Diagnosis

Delaying Stroke Diagnosis—The Impacts A stroke can strike anyone at any time. Although certain age groups are more prone to this, such as those over the age of 55, even young individuals can suffer a stroke, and it can occur... Read More

Catastrophic Injury Representation

Catastrophic Brain Injury Representation Although catastrophic brain injuries are not one of the most common injuries, the consequences can be more deadly, and longer-lasting. Catastrophic brain injuries are also called Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) within the medical community. While some... Read More