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Paoli Personal Injury Attorney

Paoli Personal Injury Attorney

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Paoli is a combination of business and residential properties. It is not quite a suburb, yet not quite a full-blown business district, although it leans more towards a suburban existence. It is considered one of the best places to live in Pennsylvania and is the host location for many festivals. It also has a deep historical value, and tourists visit Paoli for the history and relaxation, especially in the warmer months.

Paoli has its fair share, however, of personal injury cases that need an attorney.

The need to be made ‘right and whole,’ especially in the most serious type of injury cases, is, of course, just as important in Paoli as elsewhere in the state of Pennsylvania. 

accident with truckAfter-effects of serious injuries might not show up immediately and can take years to present themselves. Therefore, a skilled attorney like Christian J. Hoey with an office location in Paoli will seek compensation for present injuries and future damages. Chris Hoey and his team of professionals at Hoeylegal use a host of resources to try and PROJECT possible future injuries, which might be either psychological or emotional.

Hoeylegal uses experts in accident reconstruction, HFEs (Human Factor Experts) familiar with Paoli.

HFEs are individuals who know how humans interact with their environment and can be effective witnesses at trials involving injuries. Rounding out the team of experts available to Hoeylegal are civil engineers versed in structure and premises liability and a network of doctors and nurses that exceed one hundred. Resources and expert witness testimony can make or break a trial involving an injury.

Injuries can be either physical or mental or both.    

Crime victim injury cases are a complex type of personal injury and need a seasoned lawyer.

Hoeylegal and Christian J. Hoey, ESQ, welcome these challenging cases and have the resources and expertise to take these. These types of cases take a lot of deep analysis.

Forensic experts, crime scene investigators, and even private detectives arenegligence case available for consultation when dealing with any criminal charges or victim injury claims, as these claims generally involve physical and emotional damages.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) frequently occurs in these cases and can last a lifetime even after the physical injuries have healed. Hoeylegal has a track record of millions of dollars of compensatory damages! 

Paoli residents do seek lawyers ‘near me’ who are experienced and knowledgeable in injury cases. 

Yes, attorneys abound in nearby Philadelphia who also specialize in slips and falls, automobile and trucking accidents, medical mistakes, nursing home injuries, and untimely death, plus negligence. Still, there is now NO REASON to travel outside of Paoli to find the type of quality representation that Christian J. Hoey and his team provide right in Paoli.

Hoeylegal makes the following commitments to ALL clients:

  1. Rapid response of 24 hours or less from the first contact to consultation.
  2. The MOST Affordable fees are possible with Hoeylegal.
  3. Hoeylegal promises ultimate professionalism, honesty, and integrity!

Christian J. Hoey has hundreds of hours of trial experience under his ‘legal belt’ and brings his enthusiasm, empathy, and dedication to justice into every case he undertakes. 

His clients are important to him, and he gives his all in each case he takes on.  

There is no reason to suffer more than necessary when injured.

Although an accident or injury can never completely be reversed, Attorney Hoey and Hoeylegal do the best possible to seek the highest amount of compensation to ensure that someone that is injured does not suffer any more than they must.

Winning a large settlement in a maximum dollar amount is always the goal of Hoeylegal as this will mend some wounds and assist with restoring a person’s life to the fullest possible!

 Nothing will happen, though, if a call or contact to Hoeylegal is not made. Do not let an accident or injury ruin YOUR life! 


About Hoeylegal

Unmatched Dedication To Our Clients

At Hoeylegal, we have dedicated our careers to fighting for our clients.  If you have been injured in an accident or charged with a crime, you need a lawyer who will work tirelessly on your behalf.  One that isn’t afraid to take your case to a jury and seek justice.  This is the philosophy our founder Christian Hoey and the rest of our team bring to each and every case.

Mr. Hoey’s extensive work as a trial lawyer includes several years as a prosecutor.  He has tried over 100 jury trials.  He couples his outstanding trial skills with a relentless pursuit of justice on behalf of his clients.  At Hoeylegal, we leave no stone unturned in our exhaustive development and prosecution of your case.

As a personal injury trial attorney, Mr. Hoey brings to bear an unrelenting pursuit of justice on behalf of the injured and neglected.  The compliments he receives from opposing lawyers are a testament to the respect he has earned throughout the Federal and State court systems.  As a nationally recognized death penalty certified trial lawyer, Mr. Hoey’s unmitigated tenacity and skill have lead to many impressive results for his clients.

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