Superior Court Vacates Rape Conviction – Appeal Granted

Following his rape conviction in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas, Defendant, McKenna retained the services of Mr. Hoey to serve as appellate counsel in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Upon review of the trial transcripts, Mr. Hoey prepared and filed Mr. McKenna’s appellate brief. Following extensive argument before a panel of three Superior Court judges, Mr. Hoey was successful in reversing Mr. McKenna’s rape conviction. The Superior Court vacated Mr. McKenna’s state sentence and remanded the matter for new trial. Now serving as trial counsel, Mr. Hoey presented Mr. McKenna’s case to a Chester County jury who ultimately acquitted McKenna of rape following twelve hours of deliberation. (Please see News and Press). Mr. McKenna was free to leave the Chester County courtroom following his acquittal. Commonwealth vs. McKenna: Chester County Court of Common Pleas / Pennsylvania Superior Court