Jury Finds Baltimore Man Not Guilty of Home Invasion/Armed Robbery

Following several days of testimony, a Chester County jury returned a verdict of not guilty in favor of a Baltimore man who was incarcerated in the Chester County Prison since the date of his arrest, charged with a home invasion robbery. Although the alleged victims of the home invasion robbery identified the Baltimore man at trial, their testimony was inconsistent on material points which raised considerable doubt as to their credibility. The victims alleged that Mr. Roberts held them at gun point and caused serious bodily injury to the male resident of the home during the home invasion. Mr. Hoey’s pre-trial investigation revealed that a 911 phone call was made shortly after the robbery, yet not produced by the Commonwealth in evidence. Ultimately, Mr. Hoey obtained a copy of the 911 tape and played same for the jury. During said phone call, the victim identified his assailant as a white male. The Defendant was African American and provided a sound alibi as to his whereabouts on the day in question. The jury returned the verdict shortly after convening to deliberate. Commonwealth vs. Roberts: Chester County Court of Common Pleas