Hung Jury in Coatesville Shooting

In the matter of Commonwealth vs. Darren Clark, a deadlocked jury was dismissed by the Honorable James P. MacElree, II following numerous hours of deliberation. The Commonwealth alleged that Clark shot a rival drug dealer following an argument on East Chestnut Street in Coatesville, Chester County. Although the alleged victim testified and identified Mr. Clark in open court, Mr. Hoey was able to establish that the alleged victim’s ability to correctly identify his assailant was impaired by his significant intoxication. This fact was buried in the victim’s medical records that were subpoenaed by Hoey prior to trial. The jury was unable to resolve numerous inconsistencies in the victim’s testimony, medical records and police reports. As a result of their inability to reach a unanimous verdict, a mistrial was declared and the jury was discharged. Commonwealth vs. Darren Clark: Chester County Court of Common Pleas