Death Penalty Avoided in Chester County Triple Murder

In the matter of Commonwealth vs. Eshbach, a Chester County jury found Mr. Eshbach not guilty of First Degree Murder, thus avoiding the imposition of the Death Penalty. The Commonwealth alleged that Eshbach and co-defendant Michael McGroary abducted a married couple who was expecting their first child and later killed them in an effort to keep them from providing were information to police agencies about McGroary’s robbery ring in the Pottstown area. Although Eshbach did not participate in any of the alleged robberies perpetrated by McGroary, he was present at the time the couple was abducted and witnessed their murders in the Pottstown area. Under grueling cross- examination of co-defendant McGroary, Mr. Hoey demonstrated how violent and unpredictable he truly was. Although McGroary testified that Eschbach killed the wife in the car, Mr. Hoey’s extensive pre-trial investigation revealed otherwise. Prior to the commencement of trial, many witnesses were interviewed by Hoey’s investigative team. These witnesses ultimately testified that McGroary falsely implicated Eschbach because McGroary was angry that Eschbach told the police about the murders. Commonwealth vs. Eshbach: Chester County Court of Common Pleas