Coatesville Man Found Not Guilty of Shooting

A Chester County jury returned a verdict of not guilty in the matter of Commonwealth vs. Abernathy within moments of beginning their deliberation. Mr. Abernathy stood accused of shooting a Coatesville resident six times in a dispute alleged to have been related to the sale of drugs. Mr. Hoey was able to demonstrate, unequivocally, that the victim of the shooting and his mother were entirely unsure of who the perpetrator was. Mr. Hoey discovered evidence prior to trial which established the failure of the victim and his mother to credibly identify Mr. Abernathy as the shooter when first interviewed by police. Although the victim and his mother testified with a high degree of certainty that Mr. Abernathy was in fact the assailant, evidence produced by Mr. Hoey at trial clearly demonstrated that they were mistaken. Commonwealth vs. Abernathy: Chester County Court of Common Pleas