Coatesville Man Acquitted of Assaulting Coatesville Police Officers

A Chester County jury returned to the courtroom shortly after convening to deliberate to acquit Edward Clark of assaulting two Coatesville City Police Officers. Mr. Clark stood accused of assaulting two police officers following a brief foot chase in Coatesville City. Mr. Hoey was able to establish that the evidence demonstrated that it was Mr. Clark who was violently assaulted by the police shortly after he illegally parked his car in front of a convenience store. Mr. Hoey presented extensive medical evidence demonstrating that Mr. Clark was forced to ingest mace and withstood a physical beating which placed him in the intensive care unit at the Brandywine Hospital. In one of the more compelling pieces of evidence, Mr. Hoey presented a large blow-up image of a police officer’s alleged injury – a scratch on the top of his right pinky. When the jury quickly returned its verdict of not guilty, they departed the jury box and met with Mr. Clark, many of them in tears. Commonwealth vs. Edward Clark: Chester County Court of Common Pleas