Chester County Judge Acquits Coatesville Man of Drug Delivery

President Judge Paula Francisco Ott found Coatesville resident, Nigel Styer not guilty of two counts of possessing more than an ounce of cocaine with the intent to deliver. The Commonwealth alleged that Mr. Styer’s presence during the course of a delivery of one ounce of cocaine to a confidential informant amounted to guilt under the accomplice liability theory. Said theory was bolstered by the fact that more than one ounce of cocaine was found underneath the armrest between Mr. Styer and his co- defendant in the automobile in which he was a passenger. Mr. Hoey was successful in demonstrating that Mr. Styer’s “mere presence” in the vehicle, alone, was insufficient to prove his guilt. Once acquitted, Mr. Styer returned to full time employment in a Coatesville barber shop where he has worked for several years. Commonwealth vs. Nigel Styer: Chester County Court of Common Pleas